Long midsummer weekend

It is always a special day in Finland. Strange somehow by how quiet it is. The weather has been great and inviting to go for a run or a longer bike ride.

I only had a 4,5 km run. Nice and easy! Quite enjoyable after the runs in the harsh winter conditions. Maybe I do another 5k tomorrow. Today I just took it easy and the rest under the warm sun was great!

This guy stayed with me for a while!

Maybe the single event during those days is the bonefires tradition. The event has an ancient meaning that is carried out to drive the bad spirits and witches away from Scandinavia back into Germany! This year, it took place as usual in Helsinki :)

Midsummer Sunday was even warmer so I did 8,3 km running allowing my body to adapt to the heat. Looking forward to a full week of running, work and a bit of cycling!

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