It is now possible to clone a database in Autonomous Cloud

Database cloning, very handy feature, is now available for Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud. Quite easy to implement, too: The options are:

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing: Client Setup

a. First step is the database creation. Quite straightforward: b. Next step is to a connection setup connection from local client: from the main datbase page we click the DB Connection button and download the client credentials: A zip archive…

Oracle Instant Client for macOS (Intel x86)

Oracle does not release anymore full client packages for the Mac clients. Therefore, we need to use the Instant Client from: The installation is quite simple but we need to rememeber that, in order to have a functional client…

Remove Last Character of Each Line

I had to modify a file for loading into an Oracle database with SQL*Loader. The file was using as field delimiter the | pipe character and each line was ending in a |. So ideally, I would like to remove…

Creating a Table for Exchange With a Partitioned Table

Turn On ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on mac OS X

Keep pressed option key (alt) and click on the Notifications icon which is usually found on top right corner. Easy!

Disable Mac OS X Gatekeeper

Ocassionally, there is a need to install an app created by a developer that is not identified by the security policy in place on the Firm's MacBook. Here is the short procedure I identified it works for me: in terminal…

Oracle Live SQL Tool

Strange error when renaming a table

ORA-14047: ALTER TABLE INDEX RENAME may not be combined with other operations When we try to rename a table or index name in Oracle, we use a simple command as following ALTER TABLE``[SCHEMA_NAME]``.``[OLD_TABLE_NAME]``RENAME TO``[NEW_TABLE_NAME]``; If we put into schema names…

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