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GhostToken GCP flaw let attackers backdoor Google accounts

Google has addressed a Cloud Platform (GCP) security vulnerability impacting all users and allowing attackers to backdoor their accounts using malicious OAuth applications installed from the Google Marketplace or third-party providers. — Read on http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/ghosttoken-gcp-flaw-let-attackers-backdoor-google-accounts/

Three Unreleased Mac Models Appear in Apple’s Find My Configuration File

Three new Mac model identifiers were recently added to a Find My configuration file on Apple's backend, as discovered by Nicolás Álvarez (via... — Read on http://www.macrumors.com/2023/04/21/new-mac-models-find-my-configuration-file/

Polestar 4 Has No Rear Window to Make It Safer, Says Polestar

The new Polestar 4 has no rear window to increase headroom for passengers, among other reasons; it uses a rear-mounted camera instead. — Read on jalopnik.com/polestar-4-has-no-rear-window-to-make-it-safer-says-po-1850347758

Global Spyware Attacks Spotted Against Both New & Old iPhones

Campaigns that wielded NSO Group's Pegasus against high-risk users over a six-month period demonstrate the growing sophistication and relentless nature of spyware actors. — Read on http://www.darkreading.com/mobile/global-spyware-attacks-spotted-new-old-iphones-global-attacks

Bluesky, a decentralized Twitter alternative, is now on Android

The AT Protocol’s @-symbol logo. | Image: Bluesky Bluesky, the Jack Dorsey-backed decentralized Twitter alternative, now has an Android app. The … “Bluesky, a decentralized Twitter alternative, is now on Android” by Jay Peters

Used Routers Often Come Loaded With Corporate Secrets

More than half of the enterprise routers researchers bought secondhand hadn’t been wiped, exposing sensitive info like login credentials and customer data. — Read on http://www.wired.com/story/used-enterprise-router-company-secrets/

Genius hackers help Russia’s neighbors thwart cyber incursions | Cybernews

Russia’s cyber capabilities should not be underestimated but its NATO neighbors are more than capable of defending themselves against the Kremlin — Read on cybernews.com/editorial/hackers-help-fighting-russia/

OpenAI ordered to delete ChatGPT over false death claims

OpenAI has been issued a Cease and Desist letter over “defamatory” statements allegedly made about a privacy advocate, whom the artificial intelligence falsely claimed to be dead. — Read on cybernews.com/news/openai-ordered-delete-chatgpt/

Apple activates HomePod’s smoke alarm recognition

Apple’s HomePod and HomePod mini can now recognize the sound of smoke alarms, and automatically send a notification alert to a user’s iPhone. HomePod…Apple activates HomePod’s smoke alarm recognition

Apple CEO Cook meets India PM Modi, commits to growth and investment

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday met with India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, in New Delhi and committed to growth and investment across the …Apple CEO Cook meets India PM Modi, commits to growth and investment

Oracle SQL Developer 23.1 is now available

It’s time to go update your desktop copy of SQL Developer! We have some very important bug fixes for our community of Oracle Database users, …Oracle SQL Developer 23.1 is now available

Google employees label AI chatbot Bard ‘worse than useless’ and ‘a pathological liar’

Illustration: The Verge Google employees repeatedly criticized the company’s chatbot Bard in internal messages, labeling the system “a pathological … “Google employees label AI chatbot Bard ‘worse than useless’ and ‘a pathological liar’: report ” by James Vincent