SQL*Plus Client connections to several Oracle Autonomous (Always-Free)

Oracle Autonomous is a great service and Always-Free is a nice offering launched at OpenWorld 2019. But what happens if I need to connect via SQL*Plus to two or more ADB from the same machine/terminal? The Oracle documentation provides good reference usable when connectiong to one autonomous database but if we need to use several […]

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Estimate Defragmentaton Benefits for a Bigfile Tablespace

Database: Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release – Production Version I write this post in order to follow step by step how a bigfile tablespace is created and managed in 19c. The main purpose is to find a way to estimate the space benefits of defragmenting the tablespace. I will use two methods: […]

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Starting Oracle SQL Developer with Custom Parameters

I recently worked at a Client that had the Windows desktop setup in a non-English language. Naturally, I did not get admin rights on the Client owned desktop so I could not change the sqldeveloper.conf SQL Developer config file which was stored in a ‘protected’ location. Using SQL Developer in a foreign, non-English language was […]

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Oracle Instant Client for macOS (Intel x86)

Oracle does not release anymore full client packages for the Mac clients. Therefore, we need to use the Instant Client from: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/intel-macsoft-096467.html The installation is quite simple but we need to rememeber that, in order to have a functional client for a DBA we would need to download three packages at least: Basic Package – […]

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