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Is Oracle Autonomous Database the answer to the many database security issues? (II)

In the previous article, I discussed the main differentiating capabilities of the Autonomous, what makes it special on the market. In this post, I will discuss how are those capabilities implemented. First, a few considerations re implementation of the security…

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Is Oracle Autonomous Database the answer to the many database security issues? (I)

There is no surprise that typical Database setups are the main target of the hacking attacks worldwide. The reason is obvious: cracking a database will result in access to the data which is the main ‘merchandise’ to be shared or…

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Column Level Collation Example

The feature was first introduced in 12.2 . It basically determines how the string comparison takes place. In order to use the feature, extended data types should be enabled. I work on an great autonomous TP instance and it is…

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SQL*Plus Client connections to several Oracle Autonomous (Always-Free)

Oracle Autonomous is a great service and Always-Free is a nice offering launched at OpenWorld 2019. But what happens if I need to connect via SQL*Plus to two or more ADB from the same machine/terminal? The Oracle documentation provides good…

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It is now possible to clone a database in Autonomous Cloud

Database cloning, very handy feature, is now available for Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud. Quite easy to implement, too: The options are:

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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing: Client Setup

a. First step is the database creation. Quite straightforward: b. Next step is to a connection setup connection from local client: from the main datbase page we click the DB Connection button and download the client credentials: A zip archive…

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