Category: Oracle 11g

Change Account Status

How to change the account status of an EXPIRED account (without knowing the account's password)Requirement: SYSTEM or SYS access1. Identify the value of the passwordselect name,password from SYS.USER$ where name=‘USERNAME’;2. Change the account status by using same password:alter user USERNAME identified by values '< password retrieved above >';

Strange error when renaming a table

ORA-14047: ALTER TABLE INDEX RENAME may not be combined with other operationsWhen we try to rename a table or index name in Oracle, we use a simple command as followingALTER TABLE [SCHEMA_NAME].[OLD_TABLE_NAME] RENAME TO [NEW_TABLE_NAME];If we put into schema names to this command, we can deal with ORA-14047 error.This error raise when we put schema ...

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