SQLcl: Setup on a Mac

Simple and straightforward steps about how to setup Oracle's new SQL command line tool on a macOS X environment. Download Download the mac kit from the Oracle site. Unzip the kit into the correct directory: % unzip Downloads/sqlcl- -d Applications…

Problematic Statistics of the Application Objects in your Oracle Database

One of the often asked questions is to find out the status of the statistics of the application owned schemas. In this article, I will list the SQL code that I used for this purpose. As well, I will publish…

Oracle Automated DB Maintenance Tasks

This is a short article on how to manage the automated Oracle database maintenance tasks. Make sure the needed rights are in place by running the check: SELECT grantee, privilegeFROM dba_tab_privsWHERE owner = 'SYS'AND table_name = 'DBMS_AUTO_TASK_ADMIN'AND privilege = 'EXECUTE';…

Comparing Oracle Databases: Initialization Parameters

A method for comparing the Oracle init parameters of several PDB’s

CTAS Performance II: TESTING

Testing variants of CTAS

CTAS Performance

Tune CTAS statements on Oracle Database

Manage Sessions in Oracle Database

Review of methods to manage Oracle Database sessions


One feature that many developers and data analysts are not aware of is the SAMPLE function in Oracle. It is quite an old feature (not sure exactly when it was added). Below is a simple example of how it works.…

Estimate Defragmentaton Benefits for a Bigfile Tablespace

Database: Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production Version I write this post in order to follow step by step how a bigfile tablespace is created and managed in 19c. The main purpose is to find a…

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