Using DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR to examine execution plans

Very nicely explained by sqlmaria / Maria Colgan in the YouTube clip below. Clear and clean. I repost this as a reference and will add more later, if needed.

Researching the Performance Puzzle | Ardent Performance Computing

The PostgreSQL Performance Puzzle was, perhaps, too easy - it didn't take long for someone to guess the correct answer! But I didn't see much discussion about why the difference or what was happening. My emphasis on the magnitude of…

Tuesday Post: Database schemas compare

One of the questions that arise during the development process is if the database schéma I work on is an unaltered image of production. How do I know that another developer didn’t experiment with a new index or modified the…

Oracle SQL Developer 21.4.2 & SQLcl 21.4.1 are now available

We published two updates last night, both maintenance releases, aka bug fixes only. Released January 19, 2022.That being said, everyone should …Oracle SQL Developer 21.4.2 & SQLcl 21.4.1 are now available

Help, my Oracle SQL Developer is crashing!

With 7,000,000 users, give or take a million, I get quite a few notes from folks who are having problems getting SQL Developer to open, or to STAY …Help, my Oracle SQL Developer is crashing!


One feature that many developers and data analysts are not aware of is the SAMPLE function in Oracle. It is quite an old feature (not sure exactly when it was added). Below is a simple example of how it works.…

Estimate Defragmentaton Benefits for a Bigfile Tablespace

Database: Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production Version I write this post in order to follow step by step how a bigfile tablespace is created and managed in 19c. The main purpose is to find a…

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