Free Download Manager site redirected Linux users to malware for years

A reported Free Download Manager supply chain attack redirected Linux users to a malicious Debian package repository that installed information-stealing malware. — Read on

Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Apple Launchpad

Apple Launchpad is a central location where you can view all your apps and easily open them. We recommend the best free and open source alternatives.…Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Apple Launchpad

5 Best Free and Open Source Linux Partitioning Tools

Disk partitioning is the means of dividing a hard disk drive into multiple logical storage units referred to as partitions. The post 5 Best Free and …5 Best Free and Open Source Linux Partitioning Tools

CIQ, Oracle and SUSE Create Open Enterprise Linux Association for a Collaborative and Open Future | SUSE

New trade association brings together open source Enterprise Linux community It will provide an open process to access source code that organizations can use to build distributions compatible with RHEL — Read on

Keep Linux Open and Free—We Can’t Afford Not To

Oracle underscores its commitment to helping keep Linux open and free for the global Linux community. — Read on

SQLcl: Customizing on a Mac

In this post I will summarize the steps I've taken to customize SQLcl on my Mac working environment. We assume that the reader is familiar with the procedures outline din my previous post on SQLcl on setting up SQLcl on…

SQLcl: Setup on a Mac

Simple and straightforward steps about how to setup Oracle's new SQL command line tool on a macOS X environment. Download Download the mac kit from the Oracle site. Unzip the kit into the correct directory: % unzip Downloads/ -d Applications…

Linux Playground on #OCI

Spring is here and I will definitely spend more time outside on my bike and carrying my iPad in my backpack. So I was looking for an easy to setup environment to practice and train my shell scripting skills. And…

tmux Tutorial

A very useful tool. Create new session: tmux new -s radu-root tmux new -s radu-sqlplus tmux new -s radu-work To dissconect from a session you are already in, I use Ctrl+b followed by pressing the d key. To re-attach to…

Linux Laptop Display Battery Status And Thermal Temperature – nixCraft

Linux Laptop: Display Battery Status And Thermal Temperature From The Command Line Using upower, acpi and BAT0 file on any Linux distro. — Read on

FreeBSD Development | FreeBSD Foundation

Table of Contents (now with article PDFs) FreeBSD Code Review with git-arc How to Implement Simple USB Driver for FreeBSD Kernel Development Recipes Foundation Letter We Get Letters Practical Ports Events Calendar Click here to start reading. Download the full…

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