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Carrot Ginger Smoothie

Tried today a new smoothie recipe:2 carrots1 cup pineapple1/2 inch ginger1/2 inch turmeric1 small lemon (or lime)2 cups water

E4 2017 is almost one month away!

E4 2017 is almost one month away!I am looking forward to three days of interesting talks. Register here.

Berry Mushroom Smoothie

4 strawberries2 to 3 mushrooms – make sure you thoroughly clean them½ cup blueberries1 cup water or almond milk1 cup iceDirectionsBlend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

SQL Developer: Save a Package (thanks Jeff Smith)

Got this question: Hello @thatjeffsmith ! How I save packege body and packege spec in same archive? #SqlDeveloper — Felipe Pereira (@FelipeR_Pereira) April 27, 2017 Answer: YES. Make sure you select BOTH. Then set your file type. .SQL as requested Now to confirm I’m really getting what I want. Yes, that. SQL Developer will automatically… via ...

Reset Mail Settings

Here is how to reset Mail for Mac OS at the original settings: ~ radu.parvu$ defaults delete com.apple.mail Enjoy!

Oracle Live SQL Tool


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