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Carrot Ginger Smoothie

Tried today a new smoothie recipe:2 carrots1 cup pineapple1/2 inch ginger1/2 inch turmeric1 small lemon (or lime)2 cups water

Berry Mushroom Smoothie

4 strawberries2 to 3 mushrooms – make sure you thoroughly clean them½ cup blueberries1 cup water or almond milk1 cup iceDirectionsBlend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

SQL Developer: Save a Package (thanks Jeff Smith)

Got this question: Hello @thatjeffsmith ! How I save packege body and packege spec in same archive? #SqlDeveloper — Felipe Pereira (@FelipeR_Pereira) April 27, 2017 Answer: YES. Make sure you select BOTH. Then set your file type. .SQL as requested Now to confirm I’m really getting what I want. Yes, that. SQL Developer will automatically… via ...

Reset Mail Settings

Here is how to reset Mail for Mac OS at the original settings: ~ radu.parvu$ defaults delete com.apple.mail Enjoy!

Oracle Live SQL Tool


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