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I speak at SPOUG ’21

Oracle Autonomous and Data Lake Accelerator Below you can see the details of your session, including the scheduled time of your session:  Session Code: SP21DBSEINF001Name: Radu PârvuEmail: radu.parvu@accenture.com Position: DirectorTwitter: https://twitter.com/rparvuLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rparvu/Bio: Radu has over 21 years of experience in various database projects (mainly Oracle but other DBMS,…

Coronavirus latest: 453 new cases on Wednesday, Helsinki opens up shorter second dose gap, pandemic hit happiness of Finns | Yle Uutiset | yle.fi

Looks like even the mood of the 'happiest nation in the world' can be changed by the virus from Wuhan, China. This article brings you the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic in Finland. — Read on yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/coronavirus_latest_453_new_cases_on_wednesday_helsinki_opens_up_shorter_second_dose_gap_pandemic_hit_happiness_of_finns/11249610

Setup a VirtualBox based Database Lab Environment

Oracle provides a lot of useful Oracle VirtualBox Pre-built Appliances. In this blog post, I will describe the few extra steps I take after download in order to setup my lab environment on my work MacBook Pro. First step is…