Estimate Defragmentaton Benefits for a Bigfile Tablespace

Database: Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release – Production Version I write this post in order to follow step by step how a bigfile tablespace is created and managed in 19c. The main purpose is to find a way to estimate the space benefits of defragmenting the tablespace. I will use two methods: […]

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Disable Mac OS X Gatekeeper

Ocassionally, there is a need to install an app created by a developer that is not identified by the security policy in place on the Firm’s MacBook. Here is the short procedure I identified it works for me: in terminal type: sudo spctl –master-disable verify with: spctl –status open the application and quit it in terminal, type: sudo […]

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Strange error when renaming a table

ORA-14047: ALTER TABLE INDEX RENAME may not be combined with other operations When we try to rename a table or index name in Oracle, we use a simple command as following If we put into schema names to this command, we can encounter ORA-14047 error.This error raises when we put schema name in front of […]

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