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I have built this site in order to help other: colleagues, friends and even people I did not meet yet but have same interests as me.


All the content of this site strictly reflects our personal experience and thoughts. It does not necessarily reflect the view of my employer or any business associates. The test cases may produce different results depending on the product versions, patch levels, configurations and other variables. Please use any information from this site at own risk!

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En riktning in­om den moderna dramatiken

Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

Will Durant Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. Historian and philosopher Will Durant is best known for co-authoring “The Story of Civilization,” an 11-volume series on Western history that he wrote with his wife Ariel Durant, originally published…

Chefir + Făină de Hrișcă + Ghimbir + Miere

Elimini peste 10 kg de toxine din corp și din intestine cu o singură rețetă de detoxifiere O data la sase luni, adica de doua ori pe an acumularile de toxine pot provoca diferite boli. Racelile frecvente, infectiile, oboseala,…



SSB Schema creation on Oracle DB by using Autonomous and SQL Developer

Creating the empty SSB database objects on Oracle

Comparing Oracle Databases: Initialization Parameters

A method for comparing the Oracle init parameters of several PDB’s

Upcoming Events

Location When Summary Description
J. L. Runebergin koti 05/02/2023 at 10:00 – 19:00 Runebergin päivä Runebergin kodissa - Runebergsdagen i Runebergs hem Tervetuloa juhlistamaan Runebergin päivää Runebergin kotiin! Kotimuseo on avoinna normaalia pidempään (10-19) ja sisäänpääsy on maksuton koko päivän. Museo on koristeltu kukin, unohtamatta tietenkään Runebergin lempikukkia, kieloja. Juhlapäivänä järjestetään opastusvartteja tasatunnein. Vapaapalokunnan soihtukulkue saapuu Runebergin haudalta n. klo 18.15, jonka jälkeen Runebergskören esittää muutaman laulun. Klo 16 alkaen pihassa on tarjolla runebergintorttuja 500 ensimmäiselle. Suomenkieliset…
HELSINKI STUDENT JOBS 11/09/2023 at 09:00 – 17:00 Helsinki Student Jobs Fair HELSINKI STUDENT JOBS FAIR Come and say hello to a wide range of employers at our next jobs fair. This event will run from 9am - 5pm. Looking for part time work, internship or career change in Helsinki? Our event will help you. What time slot do I have? This should be listed on your…

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