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The opt_estimate hint is one of many that shouldn’t be used in end-user code and isn’t officially documented. Nevertheless – like so many other hints – it’s a hint that is hard to ignore when you see it floating around the code generated by the Oracle software. This note is prompted by a twitter question […] ...

Reset Mail Settings

Here is how to reset Mail for Mac OS at the original settings: ~ radu.parvu$ defaults delete Enjoy!

Disable Mac OS X Gatekeeper

Ocassionally, there is a need to install an app created by a developer that is not identified by the security policy in place on the Firm's MacBook. Here is the short procedure I identified it works for me: in terminal type: sudo spctl --master-disable verify with: spctl --status open the application and quit it in terminal, type: sudo ...

Using @SQLcl (to be updated)

Taking the new command line tool @SQLcl for a first test drive.Plus Points- installation super-easy- a lot of commands interchangeable with SQL Developer- connectivity via TNS is easy to setup. TIP: if you do not have TNS_ADMIN environment variable in place, run show tnsin SQL Developer in order to get the location for the tnsnames.ora ...

Oracle Live SQL Tool

Oracle Extended Statistics

Introduced 11gR1 and based on virtual columns. Allows better selectivity.Condition has the be equality or IN-lists.We should use them when we have issues by an order of magnitude on the cardinality.Types: Column Group: Have to be from same table. Max 32 Expression: CBO does not know how an applied function impacts the cardinality of a ...

Oracle In-Memory Advisor

Oracle In-Memory Advisor availableFirst released in feb. 2015. Improved version released in July 2015: an updated version of the Database In-Memory Advisor is now available, more information My Oracle Support (MOS) note 1965343.1

SQL Developer Language Settings

Change Oracle SQL Developer language Occasionally, I have to work on Customer environments where the language is set to something non-ENGLISH. Here is how to quickly change that unwanted setting on SQL Developer setting: close SQL Developer edit the file sqldeveloper.conf found at location sqldeveloperbin by adding the option AddVMOption -Duser.language=en restart SQL Developer and ...

Change Account Status

How to change the account status of an EXPIRED account (without knowing the account's password)Requirement: SYSTEM or SYS access1. Identify the value of the passwordselect name,password from SYS.USER$ where name=‘USERNAME’;2. Change the account status by using same password:alter user USERNAME identified by values '< password retrieved above >';

Strange error when renaming a table

ORA-14047: ALTER TABLE INDEX RENAME may not be combined with other operationsWhen we try to rename a table or index name in Oracle, we use a simple command as followingALTER TABLE [SCHEMA_NAME].[OLD_TABLE_NAME] RENAME TO [NEW_TABLE_NAME];If we put into schema names to this command, we can deal with ORA-14047 error.This error raise when we put schema ...

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