Tuesday Post: Database schemas compare

One of the questions that arise during the development process is if the database schéma I work on is an unaltered image of production. How do I know that another developer didn’t experiment with a new index or modified the…

Oracle SQL Developer 21.4.2 & SQLcl 21.4.1 are now available

We published two updates last night, both maintenance releases, aka bug fixes only. Released January 19, 2022.That being said, everyone should …Oracle SQL Developer 21.4.2 & SQLcl 21.4.1 are now available

Help, my Oracle SQL Developer is crashing!

With 7,000,000 users, give or take a million, I get quite a few notes from folks who are having problems getting SQL Developer to open, or to STAY …Help, my Oracle SQL Developer is crashing!

Starting Oracle SQL Developer with Custom Parameters

I recently worked at a Client that had the Windows desktop setup in a non-English language. Naturally, I did not get admin rights on the Client owned desktop so I could not change the sqldeveloper.conf SQL Developer config file which…

Setup a VirtualBox based Database Lab Environment

Oracle provides a lot of useful Oracle VirtualBox Pre-built Appliances. In this blog post, I will describe the few extra steps I take after download in order to setup my lab environment on my work MacBook Pro. First step is…

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