SSB Schema creation on Oracle DB by using Autonomous and SQL Developer

Creating the empty SSB database objects on Oracle

Comparing Oracle Databases: Initialization Parameters

A method for comparing the Oracle init parameters of several PDB’s

TUE Post: Use Oracle SQL Developer to move data between databases

Use INSERT hint with SQL Developer

Tuesday Post: Database schemas compare

One of the questions that arise during the development process is if the database schéma I work on is an unaltered image of production. How do I know that another developer didn’t experiment with a new index or modified the…

Starting Oracle SQL Developer with Custom Parameters

I recently worked at a Client that had the Windows desktop setup in a non-English language. Naturally, I did not get admin rights on the Client owned desktop so I could not change the sqldeveloper.conf SQL Developer config file which…

Setup a VirtualBox based Database Lab Environment

Oracle provides a lot of useful Oracle VirtualBox Pre-built Appliances. In this blog post, I will describe the few extra steps I take after download in order to setup my lab environment on my work MacBook Pro. First step is…

How to monitor SQL with Oracle SQL Developer

The easiest way to monitor the SQL's currently executing

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