BUG? Oracle SQL Developer cannot access files on mac OS X

I used Oracle SQL Developer for years until recently (possibly after the upgrade to macOS 12.6.5?) when the SQL Developer stopped being able to access the files stored locally:

Oracle SQL Developer Error

The software does not prompt for access at start-up, not after the upgrade nor if I delete the fully the ./sqldeveloper/ directory.

The solution seems to be to add Full Disk Access to /bin/bash shell binary. Unfortunately, this is not very straightforward. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open System Preferences … –> Security and Privacy –> Full Disk Access
  • Click the plus sign to add an application:
  • the pop-up shows displaying the typical choices:
  • In order to localize the shell binary, type Shift+Cmd+G and type /bin/ in the pop-up::
  • after choosing the bash binary and granting it Full Disk Access; we can start the Oracle SQL Developer IDE:and access files without any problem:

Looks like the symptoms are triggered on various conditions and users do need to give Full Disk Access sometimes to other binaries like java or even the app itself. I believe this is a small bug that might be considered by Oracle for an addition to their backlog.

Software Versions

Oracle IDE
Operating System VersionmacOS 12.6.5 (21G531)

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