My Public Appearances

An incomplete list of conferences where I was or will be a speaker.

HostConferenceDate and time#TitleAbstract / Definition
SPOUGSPOUG2103-11-2021 09:00 (in CET Time)SP21DBSEINF001ORACLE AUTONOMOUS AND DATA LAKE ACCELERATOR In the context or Oracle Cloud technologies and Autonomous, we will discuss the modern data warehouse with its requirements that evolve every day. 
We will introduce the new key component: the ‘lake house’ that integrated the data warehouse and the data lake and discuss it s main elements. Afterwards we will get technical and follow the implementation in Oracle Cloud by using the next generation Cloud technologies brought to us by Oracle Autonomous.
RoOUGRoOUG TechSession11.05.2021 – 17:00 – 18:00 EETGlu(ent)ing together a Data Hybridization Layer on Oracle Exadata and Cloud Hadoop ClusterUse Case about how we built a data hybrid layer for a large Client using Gluent, Oracle Exadata and Hadoop Cluster.
RoOUGRoOUG TechSession #42 online28.01.2021 17:15 – 18:00 EET42Two Adventures in the (Wonder)Land of Oracle 19cWe will explore two less frequently discussed changes that come with 19c:
▪ DBMS_JOB package is supposed to still be supported but the advanced user might find that its behaviour might be changed in some aspects.
We will investigate what and why it changed, what is the impact and what workarounds and solutions can we implement
▪ Query coordinator information is not available anymore in as many places as in the previous releases
SPOUGSPOUG2020 de octubre de 2020 13:20 – 14:00 CETDB105The Power of Autonomous Database SecurityAutonomous Database is the best Cloud Database but many Clients wonder about its security! This talk will address those concerns!
Oracle Autonomous Database might be the answer to the most database security challenges. In this presentation, I will walk through the way the Oracle’s Autonomous database products protect against the security threats. By design. We will discuss all the perspectives of database security: OS Security Model Data at rest encryption Network encryption Authentication PDB Isolation Model Patching And we will cover the ATP Dedicated Security aspects
RoOUGTechSession #3714.05.2020 19:30 – 20:30 EET37Python for Oracle DB AppsA practical introduction to Python and the full-featured Python cx_Oracle interface for Oracle Database .We present cx_Oracle installation and configuration tips and shows how to use SQL and PL/SQL in applications for efficient data insertion and retrieval. Attend this session to learn bulk loading techniques and how to handle LOBs. Also find out how to write functional, high-performance database programs. For those who are already familiar with cx_Oracle, you will discover best practices for working with Oracle Database.
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