Best Practices: Data Migration using Oracle datapump

This article emphasizes common mistakes clients make in data migration strategies using Oracle datapump. Instead of risking the migration process with large data dumps, the author suggests a strategy to ensure the success of data migration. This includes validating all constraints, refraining from exporting certain database elements, and running jobs in interactive mode. The article also provides recommended parameters for exporting and importing, backed by relevant references.

MSSQL Databases Under Fire From FreeWorld Ransomware

The sophisticated attacks, tracked as DB#JAMMER, run shell commands to impair defenses and deploy tools to establish persistence on the host. — Read on

VirtualBox major update fixes TPM crashes, Windows 11 graphics bugs, Mac performance issues – Neowin

VirtualBox has received a major update today which fixes crashes related to TPM, graphical issues on Windows 11, and performance problems on Macs. Aside from that, Linux 6.5 and 6.4 are supported. — Read on

Keep Linux Open and Free—We Can’t Afford Not To

Oracle underscores its commitment to helping keep Linux open and free for the global Linux community. — Read on

8220 Gang Exploiting Oracle WebLogic Flaw to Hijack Servers and Mine Cryptocurrency

8220 Hackers are exploiting a six-year-old critical security flaw in Oracle WebLogic servers to build a botnet for crypto mining. — Read on

SQLcl: Customizing on a Mac

In this post I will summarize the steps I've taken to customize SQLcl on my Mac working environment. We assume that the reader is familiar with the procedures outline din my previous post on SQLcl on setting up SQLcl on…

Only on Windows: SQL Developer 23.1 and the Instant Client!!

If you require a ‘thick’ connection in SQL Developer 23.1 running on Windows, you’ll need to either: Use a 21c Client Use the 21c Instant Client with… SQL Developer 23.1 and the Instant Client

SQLcl: Setup on a Mac

Simple and straightforward steps about how to setup Oracle's new SQL command line tool on a macOS X environment. Download Download the mac kit from the Oracle site. Unzip the kit into the correct directory: % unzip Downloads/ -d Applications…

BUG? Oracle SQL Developer cannot access files on mac OS X

I used Oracle SQL Developer for years until recently (possibly after the upgrade to macOS 12.6.5?) when the SQL Developer stopped being able to access the files stored locally: Oracle SQL Developer Error The software does not prompt for access…

Oracle SQL Developer 23.1 is now available

It’s time to go update your desktop copy of SQL Developer! We have some very important bug fixes for our community of Oracle Database users, …Oracle SQL Developer 23.1 is now available

Linux Playground on #OCI

Spring is here and I will definitely spend more time outside on my bike and carrying my iPad in my backpack. So I was looking for an easy to setup environment to practice and train my shell scripting skills. And…